Sunday, April 19

weekend in review.

I spent an eventful weekend (to say the least) downtown Toronto, these are a few random notions I collected along the way;

1. Mothers that shop in the same section and wear the same things as their daughters (ie short, tight, fake) are amazing. In general 50-somethings dressing like 20-somethings are a fairly amusing sight; however when done by the richy-rich moms of the Bay/Bloor area, well the entertainment value increases ten fold. I have no valid explanation as to why or how, it's just incredible.

2. The newly renovated AGO, is pretty breathtaking. There were people just hanging out sketching/reading in this corridor, I like their thinking. The art work and installations were also pretty rad.

3. It is a good thing that I am starting work on Monday for reasons such as: gray leather jacket, ridiculous gladiator sandals, american apparel one piece bathing suit and the fact that it is indeed patio season. Hello out door drinking. Love you.

4. Three words, Rock of Love. This is a television show- I am still in shock over that last part. It is available for free via rogers on demand, I will admit I watched a few episodes while drinking, and that on some level may have enjoyed it. Most ridiculous show in the land. My cousins and I discussed how these girls make me us feel as though we could have attended Harvard. For real. Oh, and I have never seen so much silicon on one person, or collectively in one room at the same time.

5. Americans think "Smarties"are these:

Someone should tell them those are called "Rocket" candies, they need to be educated on our chocolaty treat. 

6. These were very recently aquired. The first one reminds me of a few of my good friends, the other two are just awesome.

hope you had a good weekend too, m.


  1. i bought my friend sam one of those last pictures.. but hers says something like everyone will be famous for atleast fifteen minutes ... the are rad.. where did you find those ones? I got mine back in alberta so now im searching for more.. haaha

  2. that smartie's thing is straight pissing me off.
    rocket's are my FAVOURITE EVER.
    damn usa.