Tuesday, April 21

you know your life is awesome when,

You know your friends are a bit cooler then you when, a text message conversation such as this occurs... "What are you doing up" "Ef my life. And I'm getting ready for work. Tell me you're sober?" "Getting ready for work its like 2:30 isn't it? I'm half sober" [its actually 2:30 am in Whistler. and saying your half sober at 2:30 am, while in whistler is a damn lie.] "Okay I'm not getting ready, I actually am already ready for work!" [5:30 am in Ontario. Did i mention how cool I am?] "Wait, damn that's kinda crazy, its 5:30 there" [duh. half sober my foot.] "Not going to lie, I hate you a little bit." [as I arrive at the office... I can't believe I just said that, "at the office"; ick.] "....and its my good night time, enjoy work." "fml." That should never happen. You also should never get messages letting you know that your friends got to sleep until lunch time and are currently in the process of getting to the hill, in order to perform a litte gnar boarding (yes, I went there.)... especially while you are well, "at the office". I will say the upside to this entire thing is that I now know for certain that a) some of my friends are indeed jerks b) snowboarding > office (greater than, as in (this case) better, as in if you did not get that you probably should have paid closer attention to math in h.s.) c) I would rather wear snowboard boots all day long then high heels. I will admit that the fact that there is no snow here maybe slightly compensated for once I get paid. Oh well, gots to make that scrill. m.

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