Friday, April 17

gangster sushi

I spent an excellent afternoon downtown Toronto with Mr Daniel. Dan knows a thing or two about cooking and restaurants in general to say the absolute least, and is always full of intriguing information. We went and checked out a sushi place he had been told about called Omi.
It was pretty rad for a number of reasons; 1) the place had a really good atmosphere, always key. 2) the fish was really fresh, this was by no means a $15 all you can eat. 3) service was bang on 4) the receipt was bad ass, please see below, (apology for the icky photo, my camera is hurting) If you live in the Toronto area, and like sushi you should probably go check it out. Or if you don't like/haven't had sushi this place is a good place to give it a whirl. You can find it at 243 Carlton Street, Toronto, ON 416-920-8991 happy sushi, m.

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  1. ill have to check that place out and give my own review on it. sounds like a killer sushi joint though.

    im a fan of Makimono in ajax, the atmosphere is really nice there and the sushi is pretty decent as well