Friday, August 10


This magnificent rain that we've been experiencing the past few days, though greatly needed, does not put a spring in my step as I roll out of bed in the morning. Though London and I enjoy our quiet drizzling morning jaunts together, when it's time to get to work I require music.

It takes me three songs to drive to work. Yes, be jealous. I thought I'd share this morning's extremely eclectic mix with anyone needing a little music on this wonderfully grey Friday in Ottawa. 


The entire background story behind why he's changed his name and immersed himself in the ways of Jah is such a successful publicity stunt  drew the attention of director Andrew Capper (Vice Magazine, editor) who has created a documentary entitled "Reincarnated." It will premier at TIFF in Toronto this summer. The documentary follows Calvin Broadus (Snoop) who says he was forced 'to find a new path.' His spiritual journey takes him to Jamaica where he records a new album with Diplo and finds himself in Rastafarian culture... leading eventually to the name change. Watch the trailer here to try and get an understanding of what is going on or just check out the new sound of Snoop below.


Really glad that Justin quietly added this to my playlist the other night. It has great energy and I've been walking around singing it to myself all morning much to everyone's dismay.


I stumbled across alt-J a few days ago and I can't explain why but I like it.

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