Monday, August 13


Lately I have been swooning over all things flat and I was pleased to hear that OBEY and Generic Surplus were reuniting for Fall 2012- fusing classic street wear aesthetic and an unmistakably sleek approach to footwear design, again. The collection combines richly textured materials with a fall palette, for a scholastic-inspired wearable result.

Now, don't get me wrong there is a time and a place for artificial height but as of late nothing seems more appealing then interesting flats, and no... that doesn't involve flip flops. Why my new low level love? Because they are easy, ain't nothing wrong with that. Also I appreciate a shoe that will allow me to scurry about during the work day without worrying about teetering to my demise. That said, my 5'4'' frame leaves me with nothing but complete and utter adoration for footwear that's four inches and up.


  1. Obey is SO!
    I love the little mocs, too cute!
    Thanks for showing me this.