Tuesday, January 4

new obsession, sam crow.

Sons of Anarchy.

So apparently this show is in it's third (possible fourth?) season, I heard about it 3 days ago. 

I am not a big TV watcher, hell I don't even have cable but when I like a show I can devour a season like it's my job. I am proud to say that I am yet to finish season one.. but that it is only a matter of time. My understanding of the show is that it is based loosely around Shakespeare's Hamlet  but replace 1800c apparel for cut off leather vests, tattoos, and motorcycles... good right? All of this is made even better by the fact that these guys can act and every single second of each episode (so far) is jam packed with violence, drama, and deceptions. This might sound a little morbid and dark but we are following the happenings of a bike crew after all.  


  1. I'm so unsure about this show. Do you find it unbearably corny 75% of the time? I'm still on season 1, it's hard to get through. :(

  2. This show is amazing! i got hooked!