Tuesday, January 4

overplaying: christmas break addition.

I do this terrible thing when I find new music, I listen to it all the time.

I am not talking about one to two plays a days, probably closer to nine or ten. It's horrible, some stuff I just get sick of and it sits untouched until I am feeling nostalgic, others stay with my but get reduced to being played once a day. Did I mention I spend the majority of my day listening to music? I work to music, I cook to music, I paint to music, I clean to it... I think you are catching my drift.. It's not a matter of me sitting down and banging songs out on repeat for half an hour at a time... they are spaced out throughout the day, anyway here are the songs current stuck on repeat.

Bag Raiders - Sunlight by JLO THA KID

Hello (Original Mix) - Martin Solveig feat. Dragonette by travissap

jj - Still by hidden_shine

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