Tuesday, September 14

mobile photo dumb.

Random sampling of mobile photos from this summer, they are out of order and all over the map yet somewhat reflective of the my summer months... 

In additional ramblings, I have hardly taken any photos sense a short lived BlackBerry Bold stint... after using this thing for a few weeks I have drawn the following conclusion.  

Blackberry< iPhone 

After-work-patio-modest-sized-refreshment & motherly love from Monica and I.

Ottawa's squirrel living large & dinner (ahem, wine) parties with girlies.

Raw Sugar goes to town with a label maker.

Purse floor explosion & bagel breakfast team meetings at work.

Max is fairly certain he is human & Murray Street for ladies lunch.

Nicky's car (of course) runs out of gas (xx!), me to the rescue & Raw Sugar's late afternoon "menu".

Justin "Can I get an extra lime" 0: bitchy waitress 1 & brightly coloured toes for Bluesfest.


Putting my new patio to the most excellent of uses. 

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  1. Omigosh- I live in Ottawa too and the squirrels are humongous!!! Great blog- I just started an Ottawa fashion blog as well: