Thursday, May 6

word of the day

This post was instigated, inspired by, and insisted upon by Justin.
The word of the day (or week if your in Florida) is imbibe.

Imbibe (verb) drink, sip, bibulate, booze, consume, gulp, guzzle, rip, pirate, polish of, put away, put down, savor, suck, swig, swill, taste.

Down here you get definitions off of cups full of deliciousness.
Any question?

We are off  to Virgin Gorda for the day.

VG is probably one of my favourite islands down here out of the ones I have had the opportunity to visit. You can see Necker Island from VG (yes, the one Richard Branson owns), which is also the very same island that Victoria Secret did their 2010 swimsuit shoot at.

You can check out a "behind the scenes" video of the VS shoot on Dani's blog.

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