Tuesday, May 4

Monday at the Office

I had such a rough start to my week. Justin and I took the coach boat over to Peter Island and lounged for part of the day on the beach there. I thought I would quickly post a few photos to visually illustrate how I am havin' to rough it down here.

But, it is actually beautiful here. 
Not to shabby, right?

I am actually in love with this photo (above). I want to paint it. 

After Peter Island we hit up the Willy T on Normand Island. Yea, Island hoppin'. No biggie. To paint you a picture the Willie T (William Thorton) is basically a boat in the middle of a bight (for those of you who are not Geography Majors click here to figure out what a bight is).

Apparently it was the reg. for chicks to strip and jump off the top of the boat to get a free t-shirt. All I saw was some Cougs on the prowl getting fake tattoos on their ta-ta's, said Cougs are on the other side of the bar (above). Yea one of them is rockin' a visor, and  hardly anything is real anymore... if you catch my drift. 

Two quick pointless things about this photo I'd like to elaborate on. One, I am slightly obsessed with the colour of the water here. It blows my mind on a regular basis. Two, I have decided (so far) that Willie T's pain killers are touristy and a completely acceptable choice- best on da island.

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  1. Yeah that top photo is surreal....or EPIC as I always prefer to say.

    Looks like you're roughing it, ms jones. Enjoy!