Tuesday, December 1

The Victoria Secret Fashion Show

Victoria's Fashion Show happens ce soir. I love this, I watch it every year... though I am sure this comes a shock to no one.

It seems from the photos that you can expect much of what is showcased each and every year: lots of lovely skin, pretty lace, sparkles, wings, push up bras, satin teddies, and of course a show.

Here is a visual sneak peak at what you can look forward to- oh and it airs tonight!

photos snagged from victoria secrets site.


  1. The fact that Heidi just had a baby (right?) and is still in the VS show makes me want to die, haha.

  2. P.s. I want a dulled-down version of that neck-piece on the bottom left model. That thing is neat and very appealing to me, haha.