Wednesday, December 2

Musica: Stipper by Soho Dolls, and a Burlesque Dance by Blair Waldorf.

This song is by the Soho Dolls who, according to their wikipedia page, are an electro group from London. I've honestly never heard of them before, and I accidentally downloaded the strong "Stripper" as it was part of a mix tape I had downloaded (and never listened too..).

Some of you may recognize the song, it is indeed the song that was playing when Blair Waldorf performed onstage at a burlesque night club during the second season of Gossip Girls. Yes, I know, I know. Anyways... its a good song, hopefully the video is somewhat tasteful as I havent watched the whole thing yet.. I am slacking.

For your viewing pleasure I have included two videos.

Video number one is the Soho Dolls' doing there thing.
Video number two is Leighton Meester doing her's.

Take your pick.