Friday, November 20

Love the tie, hate the lipstick.

Good look.
As I said I love the tie, aviators are good, studs are great, hair is fantastic, and well black and white is virtually my peanut butter and jam; however, I personally am not a fan of the lips. I feel as though red/bright lipsticks are something very few people under the age of 40 can pull off- and those over 40? I am not sure that they can pull it off so much as it is defeatedly accepted. Though I must admit I think this is a valiant effort on her part, not something I will be trying any time soon..


  1. I like everything but the shorts.

    And... the tie looks navy? I stil cannot pair navy with black, nor can I pair chocolate brown with black, or a combination of the 3, etc.

    Having voluptuous lips and all, red lips are difficult to pull off, but colorful is becoming more of my fave than pale.

    If anything, I would sub the shorts for a torn up skirt, or lengthen the shirt then add leggings, or maybe shorts with cotton tights (weather permitting).

    I'm not hating, however blonds shuold stay clear from colored lips (drowning out), but those of us without blond locks (pale or not) should give red lips a try.

    Because of this post, I'm going to give colored lips a go, and I'll be looking for your personal opinion; and please be critical!

    All-in-all, outfit/hair is fab (minus the navy), howeve the seemingly 70s-esque runnign shorts could use an alternate ego.

    Regardless, suitable post.

  2. I use to be fairly anti blk and navy myself, I have recently come to terms with it. The tie is definitely navy but Im diggin' it. Im on stand by to give you an in depth analysis of you lip colour mission