Sunday, November 22

christmas wish(es)

This Christmas I am getting an incredible present from the familia, they are shipping me off to the BVI's to visit my other half. Excited does not even begin to accurately depict my feelings on this; even so, I still have decided to create (probably a few) "christmas wish lists- though in reality they should probably be called "things I find cool right now"... christmas wish list has a nicer right though, wouldn't you agree?
I guess I could reference my upcoming day of birth but lets not push things... anyway enjoy these cool clothing pieces that I wish contributed to the mess that is my closet.
Dark, sparkly, hooded, loosely fitted... I am not entirely sure how many other of my favourite clothing attributes could realistically be incorporated into one piece. I wish I knew where to get my hands on this!
Like most self respecting females, I am currently teetering on the borderline of having a shoe problem. It seems that self denial is generally associated with stage 1 and I am far past denying anything so things must be looking good for me; anyways, these are lovely (and entirely necessary).