Friday, August 28

Today at work...

I hate to say this, but I haven't sat down to write a post in so long. Its usually just more of a "I-will-keep-this-window-open, slightly-hidden-behind-the-5-other-windows-that-I-have-open for-work" and randomly add something randomly to it.
Hence the overwhelming amount of photos I have been posting, or lack of posts... apologies all around.
This week was random at work and at home. My apartment had been taken over/invaded, and well I work at bv02 (enough said, and only with love). Saying that, I ventured to Montreal for a day, I have eaten delicious meals all week long courteous of mr da silva (who is not just a hat rack apparently...) and got a little messy at Big Daddys (which has come to affectionately be known as the cougar den) with some people from work.
I know I have previously posted a photo of my desk, but here is a random little tour, available below and courtesy of Shannon.. (kudos to S.).
Then a few random photos from today, playing with Bess, eating some ice cream.. rough life.
I really like my job, alot. Which is sayign something..