Sunday, August 30

MarioTestino, LetMeIn.

Ottawa was back to its rainy self all day (long) yesterday. It amazes me how dramatically the weather affect- the majority- of peoples moods. It seemed to be a day made for sleeping in late,hot drinks (I prefer coffee, I hear some people like hot whiskey...), and well I think the ducks were stoked. Yes, stoked.
I wandered in the rain with a questionable umbrella, my poor choice in foot wear, and Matt to go in search of something to do. We ended up in Chapters, Starbucks in toe, sitting on the ground going through this book.
I may or may not have fallen in love with Mario Testino Let me in!
Mario Testino has been accredited as being one of the most acclaimed and influential fashion photographers. This book is a collection from his personal archive of off-screen moments.
They are candid, emotional and elegant. This book is on my list of unnecessary things to buy.
There are approximately 300 pages of black&white, and colour photographs. I find them very intriguing to say the least.

yes yes, I love Sienna Miller.

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