Tuesday, July 28

watch this,

I have seen the huge oversized gold watches- tres retro-chic of you (I love them though), and I have seen the dorky full button-calculator-esq watches (I am starting to feel as though they might come free with the purchases of a fixie, or in some cereal box...), but I have not seen many (any) people rocking the oversized white watch. 
(Im going to go out a limb and exclude the ceramic Nixon Player... everyone knows at least 6 people that own and wear some variation of the Nixon Player. Please no one take offence,  they and you are still cool) 
This might be on account that these (showcased) watches come with a hefty price tag. 
Of which I am not completely opposed to, they are just, perhaps, entirely out of my price range.
To be completely honest, I am currently a big fan of the no watch state of mind; however, unfortunately, that doesn't exactly work when you are employed (damn-kidding!). 
So until I am at some point in my life where I can entirely adopt the no-watch-policy I will lust for ones I cannot afford, and wear ones that are to big for my wrist.

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