Tuesday, July 28

Time to renovate?

1)Do you like, nah... love skateboarding?
2)Do you wish you could do so said activity, more frequently, within the confines of your own house, and that this act be considered acceptable? (not just by you and your buddies)
3) If you have answered yes to any of the above questions, actually even if you did not... check this out. Welcome to the Ramp House, newly created by Acrhivirus Architecture and Design. The "Ramp House" is well... lets just say what you see is what you get. It says its like it is. It's a house that has been perfectly integrate into a livable half pipe. “Playing with these forms and with the variable transitions which they offer, my main goal was to create a functional open space where aspects of daily life would adopt ‘the feeling of acceleration.’” I really love the fire place built in, apparently there is also storage units hidden in there as well. “It was more a project of passion and creativity than functionality." [thank you]
worthy of an episode of cribs? m.

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