Tuesday, June 2

yes, definitly going.

Judge, hate...whatever... all you want. I will definitely be seeing this movie.

Just a few random notes: 1) almost every girl I have talked to who has read at least the first book loves it (though she may not admit it), she may be possibly infatuated with the love that the vampire boy shows for Bella. On that note, 2) even vampire boys who seem to be completely in love seem to be capable of sucking. Even if it is because he is trying to protect her (in their case, its not necessairly an emotional thing so much as it is my-brother-might-suck-your-blood-you-could-turn-into-a-vampire-or-die kind of thing, which is almost logical though Im sure Bella would disagree). 3) curling up alone in the middle of the woods will never seem like a good idea to me. Actually it is probably best to avoid curling up anywhere that is not inside someones house, preferably one in which you or your friends reside. (Bar floors, staircases, the street, large dark wooded areas full of animals with big teeth, on public transit while alone, etc...not so much a good idea, though potentially a good story). 4) boys should stop hating so much on this whole vampire thing. you guys like things that blow up, strip down, and drive fast (I feel as though I just accidentally alluded to James Bond, and about 400 other "guy" movies)- we (well I, but I speak as a collective group) like those movies too. But we also are down with the mushy stuff sometimes. Look at it this way, for those two hours where we may or may not be off in our own little world wishing to be Bella, we aren't trying to talk to you about it- so leave it alone. Its really a win/win situation for everyone.

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