Tuesday, June 2

mid week dancing.

I feel as though the working life 9-5 routine (or well in my case the 6:30am- goodness knows when grind), should periodically be broken up, broken down, shaken up; however you want to label it. This week I have found a fun alternative to throw into my mix, some Wednesday night dancing. Because of my early rise time..I literally wake up with the sun at twilight..which at this time of the year is notably early... I must admit, my dance/party scene hours have taken a serious hit. This is as a result of I-need-to-be-responsible-grown-up-job mentality I have got myself into.
In saying that, tonight will be glorious.
There will be drinks, dancing, obnoxious outfits, terrible photos, and to top it all off... this will all occur in the presence of miss Sanitgold and mr Trouble Andrew.
I am so stoked. They are playing at the pheonix tonight, these two should put on quite the show. Keep it respectable, m.