Monday, June 29

times are a changing,

This past week has been slightly hectic to say the least, the combination of work, packing (ie, finding things from last time I moved which seem to of mysterious found themselves scattered throughout my house, or have relocated themselves to the province of New Brunswick...which has also made me realize how much "stuff" I actually own...yikes.), and well making time for a little bit of partying has left me fully satisfied, and slightly sleepy. A little bit of an overview/rambles from this weeks happenings;
- I can confidently say without a doubt that I dislike packing (as previously stated below); however, throw in some house music and champagne (thank you mom!)- its not so bad. Which brings me to my second point..
-House music. I must admit I was not a fan in the past, but over the past few months it has been creeping into my life and I must say its quite lovely. There's nothing like getting ready for work at 5:00am, pre/during/post partying with, or (apparently) packing your life up to/with house music. It also makes for excellent car parties.
- If every girl had to layout, fold then pack all of her clothes (because you never know when you might need _____ that you have only worn once..) she might acknowledge some sort of shopping problem, consider maybe laying off the material purchases for a period of time.. and then probably buy something new the very next day. Lets be honest, some boys are the same way (if not worse).. however they are more likely to chuck all of their clothes into bags, skipping the folding/packing portion of our little situation... I think its the folding that (momentarily) gets you.
- Ten of us enjoyed a fabulous meal at Lee's on King St. A few bottles of wine, 2 dirty martinis, 19 ingredients salads, shared dishes (re: duck confit w/ warm goat cheese and caramelized walnuts..oh goodness. so so delicious), a few yummy desserts, and one excellent waiter later can make for the beginnings of a successful night. Follow that up with some drinks on a rooftop patio with rad people, all the while enjoying the warm summer night... I can confidently say my Saturday night was well spent.
-Americanos have yet to fail me first thing in the morning. I reignited my loves for eggs Benedict, its super unhealthy and thus delicious. - I need to stop using the word delicious... Tomorrow after work I am off (.. well technically back..) to the nations capital. Oh the adventures to come...

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