Wednesday, June 24


I dislike, nah- I hate packing. I have packed and unpacked my life approximately 6 times over the past four years. I think that gives justification to my wanting to put it off; though sitting here right now, I realize I will regret putting it off come this weekend. So I will grind through it. This is but a short break. I would like to point out that it is gorgeous outside... (hello +25 sunny goodness, summer finally decided to grace us with its presence) and that little fact is not exactly motivating me to stay indoors... I unintentionally stumbled upon this site today, and I will have to add it to the list of things I kind of love.
summer needs to get here quicker.
This artist -Sam- draws pictures from titles suggested by you, they are pretty simple and I find them adorable.
i think i need space.
You can check out his other site here. Its got little comics on it..
help me! help me! I'm falling!
We'll back to packing I guess...