Thursday, May 7

how i met your mother.

If you don`t watch this show, you should. I started watching it in Ottawa, some what religiously for a week or two (okay to be honest it could have been 4 or 5 days). Initially I was not overly impressed, but it is damn addictive. I am in need of acquiring the most reason season, I did however catch one of the new episodes the other night and it rekindled my love. Anyway this might not mean anything to those of you who have never seen the show, to those that have (and who I have possibly wasted hours watching it with..ahem Bricktangle..), well I hope it will at least make you smile. Barney: Alright, fine, the stripper at Stewart’s Bachelor Party was a 15. Ted: She was 15?!?! Barney: A in blackjack. Ted: As in, not sure whether you’d hit it? Barney: Exactly! Ted: Nice. Barney: You're the most awesome person I've ever met. Well, second. Robin: Right, first being you. Barney: No, actually, it's this guy I know who lives in something called the mirror. What up? Barney: Petra here, if all goes well, will be my...wait for it 200th! Sorry, I couldn't wait it's all too exciting! Ted: Your 200th as with? Barney: As in sex with. I request the highest of 5's! Ted: Not if I was wearing a hazmat suit. The highest of 5`s. m.

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