Wednesday, May 6


So somehow the automatic save/technology in general doesn't like to co operate with myself. I'm giving up for tonight and posting a video..because we'll I'm tired. I know a few people who are stoked- to say the absolute least- on this video. I still find it somewhat disturbing; however, the always brilliant fox newscasters really bring it all together in the end. 1.ouch. 2. awkward much? 3. the amount of comments on this video is ridiculous. I especially enjoy this one great example of why women are the worst gender. first off, the grape lady - asshole, trying to be cute and funny getting the upper hand on the other lady. then at then end the guy says "boy i think shes actually hurt there" then the retard ass woman says " No i think she is". wtf?? she disagreed with him but agreed? damn it. MEN > women ah well, to each their own. m.