Monday, April 13

port is the left side, same amount of letters.

So this summer I am planning on learning more about this.
Not only because I am a fan of the navy blue and white colour combination, anchors, and deck shoes; but, because my knowledge is somewhat lacking in respect to this fine craft. It also might play a key role in some sort of adventure in the future.
sails away,


  1. i will never forget that now.
    (your title information, that is.)

  2. I know. I could never remember and someone told me today. It works awesomely.

  3. good post
    sailing is def. a sweet pastime.
    my aunt and her boyfriend are sailing to the bahamas right now. left from florida last week.
    and they got a GPS on their boat so me and my fam can track them each day, it updates like once every 10 minutes. pretty cool