Wednesday, April 24

I Wish They Made This For Girls

"I wish they made this for girls," is something I utter almost daily and apparently I'm not the only one. I have an affinity for menswear that I can't seem to shake. Today I was looking through Vincente Tsang's website and came across this incredible series, I WISH THEY MADE THIS FOR GIRLS. I feel as thought the series title is self explanatory and the fact that I adore it obvious. 
“The amount of times I’ve actually heard a girl say “I WISH THEY MADE THIS FOR GIRLS” when looking at boys’ clothes goes beyond memory. From that quote, I’ve begun a little Photo Series project with some of the most gorgeous women in my life. Done right, the series should have that inexplicable umph most guys feel when waking up and seeing a girl in his t-shirt and boxers. Dressed in my clothes, they will, one by one be featured on the blog." - Vincent Tsang


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