Friday, March 15


Like many 20 somethings others I feel a constant need to travel. Call it entitlement, call it over exposure to the incredible things going on in the lives of others from every available venue of social media, call it whatever you like but one thing I know for certain is that travelling is damn good for you. It's too easy for us to live in our comfortable and cozy little bubbles - it's also far too boring.

I've been been filled with elsewhere for quite some time now. Luckily I'll get a bit of a fill at the end of April when we go back to Belgium and spend some time in France. My computer is full of photos from our last trip, many of which have sadly never seen the light of day. Today I was perusing through some that were taken in Portugal and pulled a few favourites. These were taken in Porto, Lisbon and Sintra. Here's to daydreaming. 


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