Sunday, February 17


I've moved three times in the past 12 months, if we calculate it together that is three times too many. 

I think it's safe to say that the literal act of moving can be filed away under 'Things-No-One-Actually-Enjoy-Doing.' Fortunately for me, the post moving activities be they the arranging, re-arranging, hanging, laying out, creating and probably a little more re-arranging are some of my favourites. In this move Justin, London and myself have gained an enormous amount of square footage and some real swell roommates: Wayne and Brooklyn. Additionally and exceptionally less noteworthy, we're finally going to have an at home office. This little luxury is a sad realization and acknowledgement of the amount of time I spend in front of a monitor, at the very least I can look forward to it not sucking and some sunlight.