Monday, October 29


Let me start this post off by saying that this M-51 Fishtail Jacket is everything I could hope and dream a jacket to be. 

Stussy by Holden was created with the purpose of offering the perfect selection of items on a one-week road trip from the peaks of the Northwest to the sandy shores of the Southern Cali. The result of this is five highly functional pieces designed to keep you warm and dry, yet flexible enough to provide layering options that would take you essentially from surf to snow. I'd say they nailed it. Check out the full collection, here

In addition to having created beautifully designed, function pieces may I please draw your attention to the quality and presentation of this line? Both the video and still photo lookbooks are beautiful.

As someone who loves to pull from the guys section (or his half of the closet) I'll be contened once I confirm how this fits. 

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