Wednesday, April 18


I have walked past the Ottawa School of Art a million times since my move to Ottawa, now I finally have a reason to check out the inside. Last Monday was my first visit to the school for a jewellery making class that I recently signed up for... I am weary of publicly sharing this as who knows what my end product will look like, but the process of how the jewellery is made is extremely interesting and certainly helps to demystify why fine, handmade jewellery costs what it does. The class is taught by Walter van der Molen whom is the district manager and jewellery designer at my new place of employment, Magpie Jewellery. For this class we get to design our own pieces and supply our own stones which means I end up with something truly unique. 

I, of course, selected a stone that was not of the cut I had been told to purchase and have come up with a design that requires more thought then most. Poor Walter has no idea what he's gotten himself into with me joining his class.

Ottawa School of Art

My work station set up, yes this is serious and yes someone gave me saw.

The stone I purchased last weekend, it's upside down in this photo because much to Walter's dismay this is how I am hoping to set it; and a piece of silver I've cut for my bezel.

My stone set into it's bezel for sizing and shaping purposes; next week, soldering... 
and then things get tricky for me and my design.


  1. COOL!! Can't wait to see your finished product!!

  2. Hiya! Fantastic Blog - Can you contact me at i have a couple of questions for you!!!