Thursday, April 5


GQ: One of the interesting things about Supreme is that they're not gross about branding and marketing—they rely on quality product, word of mouth and a strong visual aesthetic.
TYLER: Visual aesthetic is important to me. I take video directing and designing album art and shit like that very serious, and they do, too. So that's one thing I like from them, the way they design certain things—not too much, not too little.
GLENN: It's sort of a non-strategy strategy. I think it just comes out having integrity. I don't think we should be Communists or anything, but they do business in a kind of honorable way that I really respect. And that's really rare, especially in the clothes business.
TYLER: That's why I like them, because they don't fuck with anybody. And I don't really fuck with anybody. I keep my circle close and they do too, they don't associate themselves with other brands that they don't respect or actually like.

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