Monday, March 12

ESCLAVE à la CUISINE// Turning trash into culinary gold.

Turning trash into culinary gold is a pretty adventurous theme for any eating related endeavour; doing so flawlessly while keeping the fact that what you were eating was questionable before the love and time that was spent on it making it delicious, is a feat dripping in creativity.  

I am honoured that I've been a part of all three nights that les Esclaves à la Cuisine have conjured over the past year or so. These are extremely talented and real people, making delicious food in captivating venues around Toronto and all because they want to. That's it. It's simple and all kinds of beautiful. 

Always flawless yet charismatic, always housed in a different location... needless to say I anxiously await the next. This is one quarter of the room where we ate last night, the kitchen was open opposite this wall. I enjoy a comfortable and almost cozy atmosphere while eating and these events always deliver. 

It was worth the four hour drive back to Ottawa at 10 pm last night, it's always good to see our Toronto friends even if it's for less then 24 hours and especially if it's for a good meal.

Oh, the beer was also pretty good


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