Saturday, February 11


It's too easy to gripe and complain about what we as consumers have done to the concept of Valentine's Day (read: the giant plush animals holding hearts in their mouth's and the love shaped confectionary). They keep making these things year after year because someone is buying them, right?

I think Valentine's Day is a nice reminder to go out of your way and do something for whomever you care about: girlfriend, boyfriend, parent, sibling, best friend- whatever. We've all taken someone for granted at a point in our existence and we are therefor all responsible for ensuring that it does not become a habit. I think Valentine's Day should be looked at as a simple reminder of that. Yes you should be doing nice things for others throughout the year, but are you? With comfort comes laziness and that laziness can be responsible for the destructions of something great if you are not careful.

So ditch all things heart shaped dust collectors this year and try a more heartfelt approach. Perhaps even try spending a night without a cell phone glued to your hand while in the company of those you care about... then again that might be a little too crazy for you this year.