Wednesday, December 14


Alright guys, here's a simple way to perform a random act of kindness today that will take you less time then going to order that third cup of coffee from your local barista that you probably don't need.

The circumstances that lead me to write this blog post came from a tweet and a web page created by Jamie Calder, a past work college of mine from Ottawa. It is about a 14 year old student from Gatineau, his hame is Tanner Moskuil:

"Tanner was recently the victim of an anti-gay Facebook hate campaign launched by a few classmates. The campaign quickly spread to Twitter, and his Tumblr blog, Make Me Feel Broken, where one anonymous bully wrote "i think i wanna kill you right about now".

Tanner's response, me too."

If that wasn't enough someone at his school then stole his iPod. Now, Christmas is only two weeks away and I know everyone is "busy" and possibly on a budget but I have a request. Please visit Jamie's site and read the full story. Take 5 minutes and complete the online donation form.  Help give Tanner an iPod for Christmas and more importantly show your support. The amount doesn't matter, it's the thought that counts.

As Tanner tweeted "life without my ipod, suckss" and for those of you who walk the streets with music buzzing in your ear all day long I know you can relate.