Friday, August 19

OTTAWA CITIVEN | The trouble with Ottawa is Ottawans

If you live in Ottawa and you aren't from Ottawa, read this article.
With no government to speak its name, Ottawa is an orphan. There is an absence of belonging here. Former mayor Larry O'Brien referred to "the citizens of Ottawa," but citizenship implies loyalty and responsibility, of which there is little. At heart, Ottawans are tenants of this city, not proprietors, and their detachment undermines a sense of community.
Actually, even if you are an Ottawian born and raised - read it. For years (approximately six) I have joked with friends and classmates alike about how sleepy Ottawa is. To be more specific we use to talk about all of Ottawa's (unofficial) no-fun laws. (I have to add that this on going joke was introduced and reinforced by the percentage of our group that grew up somewhere east of the Ottawa River.)

This article is fantastic. It is incredible well written and put together. You can tell the author had passion laying behind his well expressed opinions and observations.

I have only one thing to add to Mr. Cohen's article: there is are generation in Ottawa right now who are trying to revive this place. It can literally be seen in some of the clothing shops, eateries, museums and venues that seem to be popping up around the city. Now I'm not saying that this is enough, I am simply acknowledging that the desire for inspiration is there if only individuals will keep feeding it.

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