Tuesday, August 16


Hannah wore four completely different dresses on August 4th: one for cocktails, one for the ceremony, one for dinner and one to for the party. I don't think I have a favourite, Hannah has immaculate taste and each dress had a unique personality that suited it's purpose. The following are a few photos from the ceremony, I have unofficially appointed this the ceremony dress.

I also need to especially mention her hair, the bun. It's simple and perfect.
Oh, and it was a touch windy.

Exiting from The Studio

All eyes on the bride

Hannah and her mom Brenda

Grampy doing a reading from You've Got a Friend In Me 

As soon as I locate pictures of the cocktail and party dress I will put up a post so you are able to see all 4 in their glory... oh and the shoes. Hannah navigated the awkward footing in sky high heels like a pro, I on the other hand could barely stand in wedges. There might have been a small spill in which my loving sister, through laughter, counted at least a dozen or so on lookers. It was graceful if nothing else.

I will need to ask her for details on the shoes.

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