Thursday, June 30

Georgia's Weekly Roundup

  • This weekly roundup comes a bit early as tomorrow is Canada’s birthday. She’s 144, which is pathetic seeing as most legit countries are 500 years old AT LEAST. Anyway, Kate+Will are in town, so make sure to check them out at Parliament Hill tomorrow or join a great cause.
  • True Blood started this week and honestly, I was pretty disappointed. I hate when shows have a time lapse in between seasons and shit gets seriously wacky. It makes me anxious. Plus there was waaaay too little Skarsgard and I don’t like Lafayette’s new haircut.
  • Transformers 3 came out this week, and even though I have no interest in seeing it, Oily Beefcake, aka Shia LaBeouf, made it mildly interesting by dishing on his exploits with Megan Fox during filming the last two. It made me like him a little bit more, despite his sorry attempt at a mustache.
  • It was a slow news week, so I’ll end this fairly weak post with a vid the boys at bv02 passed around this week. Enjoy!

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