Thursday, May 19

Things That Make People Happy

Yet another musing from Thought Catalogue...

Here is a summary of the article:
  1. Building memories with friends.
  2. Sex.
  3. Having a new message on Facebook, a tweet, a text message
  4. Good weather.
  5. Betty White.
  6. Being young.
  7. You.
My favourites? Number three and number seven. The paragraph that goes with number one is also fairly entertaining... yet sad all at the same time. If you want to read the whole article click right here. To jump back to my favourites, here they are in full:

Number three:
Having a new message on Facebook, a tweet, a text message.That’s the 2011 way of being happy. Friend requests are like a dose of Prozac and a wall post is the virtual equivalent of a big fat line of coke. Be wary of the comedown though. The Internet is a major source of people’s happiness but it also can make you totally depressed. It works in the same way as drugs and sex do. You’re happy when you get it and sad when you don’t. Where can you get more text messages?! You would do anything for a new tweet. ANYTHING.
Could this be any more realistic/nauseating? Anyway here is number seven:
You make people happy. It’s weird to think about—the idea that your presence could brighten someone’s day—but it happens. You being you makes other people excited and giddy. Cool, right?
Why number seven? Because it's true and often forgotten (or over looked) when you are busy having a bad day. Seeing my friends always brightens my day and this is as good of an excuse as any to point that out. You guys are splendid and I wish I saw you more often.