Friday, April 15


From thoughtcatalog.

This article is awesome, go read it right now. The following is the "executive summary," each of the following points has a full paragraph behind it - and it's hard to disagree with the authors logic. It's a good end of the week (#TGIF) read.

  1. You shouldn’t care about pop culture to an excessive degree. 
  2. You shouldn’t care about the weather too much.
  3. You shouldn’t care about someone who doesn’t care about you.
  4. Don’t care about what your ex-best friend is doing. 
  5. Don’t care about drugs too much because they don’t give a flying fuck about you. 
  6. Don’t care about Mischa Barton. 
  7. Don’t care about your crush not texting you back. 
  8. Don’t care too much about the Internet. 
  9. Don’t care about the Alexander Wang dress you can’t afford.
  10. Don’t care about the things that will make you feel like shit and the things you cannot change. This can make you a masochist. 

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  1. Uh... Comment above made me feel very akward...
    Regardless, I loved the article you posted! I need to hear/read thing like that to reel me back into what is really important. Thanks for sharing!