Tuesday, April 26


is to be defined.

Constantly pursuing a goal, however clear or defined it is, is exhausting. Constantly moving, acting, achieving, don’t stop to breathe. Keep going. We chase these things not to achieve them. We chase them to talk about them. Or at least, that’s my experience. What we want isn’t to be a better human being; it’s to be recognized as a being at all.
What we really need is very simple. We need the validation of others.
It’s why we blog, Tweet, Facebook. We joke about how things aren’t ‘real’ unless they’re ‘Facebook real,’ but there is a kernel of truth there. What do we use status updates for? If I feel an emotion, and no one else registers it, it has no tangible effect. Scientifically, its impact on the world is imperceptible. And if your emotions aren’t tangible, how do you define your self? Can you exist, divorced of your emotions?

I instinctively pressed the 'share' button after reading this so other people could validate my existence. via ThoughtCatalogue by TashaFrost

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