Friday, April 1

Girl Scout Cookie Pop-Up Shops In NYC

Everyone is getting their pop-up shop on, even the Girl Scouts.

It seems like the Girl Scout are going through a modernization revamp. Besides testing out accepting credit cards via smartphone, they will have also opened up several "pop-up" where you can treat yourself to as many boxes of $4 cookies as you please. Unfortunately this is only happening in New York - there will be a pop up shops in each of the five boroughs which is pretty cool. Cookie depots will be open until May 5th. I wonder if this pop up shop phenomenon will ever make its way to Ottawa?


  1. i really love this. as a girl guide (scouts is american so i doubt it will come to canada) i like that it's getting popular, even...dare i say, cool, to be a girl scout/guide.

    and their new symbol is absolutely darling. so mod.

  2. agreed! I wish the Girl Guides would get inspired and do something here.
    it's a smart move - especially paying with CC via smart phone.