Wednesday, March 16

Obey does Ottawa

These are from the Ottawa Citizen.  I appreciate the photos, however, one could skip the article with the headline reading:

"Hipster clothing store on Rideau Street gets mural from famed street artist
"Shepard Fairey designed Obama poster, brand on clothing line"
  1. First of all I wouldn't necessary pigeonhole Norml as a hipster clothing store
  2. Fairey wasn't involved in this though he did send his posse
  3. "designed Obama poster",  I appreciate that the majority of the population have only heard of  Obey and Shepard Fairey because of the Obama poster Fairey created and/or because they saw him in Exit Through The Gift Shop... either way this brand deserves a bit more recognition.
  4. Last off, I assume "brand on clothing line" should read brand of clothing, though honestly I'm not sure if that is what they were trying to say.
Bottom line, stoked that this in Ottawa. As the Ottawa Citizen headline illustrates, we obviously could use some more culture here!