Tuesday, March 8

"LOL is a space bar that makes someone happy."

How often do you lol? I am a notorious lol-er. It is a nasty habit that has been cultivating sense the early days of ICQ uh oh's  and pointless MSN conversations.

It is a habit that I am having a hard time shaking for one particular reason - it has become customary to interpret a neutral online conversation/message/email as negative. I find myself tacking on "lol" at the end of messages to ensure that the recipient is aware its intended nature. I hate that I do it.

I can not say when, but certainly there was a time when we actually were Laughing Out Loud. It’s a good one. A great abbreviation for a real event. But it isn’t real anymore, no one’s actually laughing. Sure, when you do LOL IRL, you type LOL, but how many times do you sit smiling, smirking, or even staring blankly at a plasma screen typing LOL, regardless of what you’re feeling – simply not laughing. Stating plainly that on the other end of this connection you are undergoing an audible response to hilarity. But it’s a lie. You’re not laughing out loud. You’re probably at work! Or watching television. Or walking somewhere and being harassed for texting and walking.

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