Monday, March 7

Charlie Sheen, SSP.

For the past two weeks it has been virtually impossible to avoid Charlie Sheen's name online. I will admit to watching one online interview with ABC's Andrea Canning  {and might I add that it left my mind feeling a little bit like mush} but I have to just say I am over hearing about it. That being said, today I found an article that has broken down Charlie's... lets say... linguistic tics. Here's a sample:
Stoner surfer philosopher [SSP]. Often, Sheen talks like a perpetually blazed Ninja Turtle. An interviewer he likes is "radical." His publicist's decision to ditch him is "gnarly." His life, which he hopes his children one day learn from, is "epic." It's unclear how Sheen's vocabulary stays rooted in the Point Break era while modern American usage continues to evolve, but it may say something about the last time he was fully conscious of his surroundings.

For an entertaining analysis of his other tics  you can check out the full article here.

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