Thursday, February 3


It has been suggested that "we might do well to consider Facebook profiles as something akin to the airbrushed photos on the covers of women's magazine." This is something that I had acknowledged about a year ago..."Facebook is like being in a play [where] you make a character." What makes it any different then an online dating site {besides the obvious}? You are given the opportunity to mould your perfect first impression to whomever you deem worthy {or to the entire world if that is your thing}. I read this article the other day... it call out  Facebook for exploiting our deep routed insecurities.   

...[It was] noticed that they seemed to feel particularly crummy about themselves after logging onto the site and scrolling through others' attractive photos, accomplished bios, and chipper status updates. "They were convinced that everyone else was leading a perfect life,"

Take a couple minutes to read the full article here. I find this so interesting because my generation is probably one of the first to really feel the implications of these online sharing tools.