Wednesday, January 19

Overplaying: mid week edition.

Last post of today...
    going to make dinner...
          going outside to skate...
                           getting a life.

I don't know why but this caught my attention. |

MUMFORD & SONS cover "Unfinished Business" by the WHITE LIES by stephanedouillard

This song reminds me of snowboarding. |

Teddybears sthlm - - yours to keep by D.O.M.

Things song is erie, I like it. |

J*DaVeY – Smells Like Teen Spirit by Hypetrak

This is the song that I am currently overplaying... like as I type this. |

Sleigh Bells - Rill Rill by jdelmoral

This is to slow it down. |

Barbara -- Pursuit of Happiness by jumbro

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