Wednesday, January 5

Jeffrey Campbell Pixie Bootie

A lovely little birdy of mine is looking to sell a pair of JC booties she won over Christmas. They are size nine, still in the box and have never been worn. If I wasn't a 6.5 I'd buy them myself, I sorta love the zippers.

These guys are 4" so if you're looking to add some height to your legs of yours, these would do it.
Shoot me an e-mail at if you are interested.


  1. oh god. everytime jeffrey campbell, every.single.time.

    so incredible.

    also a size too small....alllllso can't walk in those, haha i wish!! amazing. don't understand why she'd sell them unless she a) needs the $$, b) can't walk in heels either or c) not her size and then i totally get it haha!

  2. Umm I think it's for two reasons:
    1. She already has a similar pair but they are suede
    2. She is super tall to begin with so the +4 inches is a bit intense... somethng I will never understanding being 5' nothing.