Monday, January 24


Today, video is king when it comes to online content. Be that because the technology required is becoming more readily accessible, the public is becoming too lazy to consume anything longer then 140 characters or simply because the amount of video out there means that there is something for everyone... it's what has happened.

It goes without saying that some industries have seen more success with video than others, yet what I find interesting is the way in which they are using it. The how out weighs the why for me. The snowboard industry (ok... and ski) have been using this means of indirect advertising and self promotion for years- I like how fashion is now eating it up.

All of this rambling to say that this is a great little documentary on Jake Davis. This guy is talented, this video is well put together and I find the whole thing interesting.

If you have five-and-a-half minutes give this a gander.
Thank you to Craig for sending it my way.

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