Friday, January 7

"Digital park bench".

"It's all about letting yourself be seduced a little bit every day."

Alright Taylor Mansen, congratulations. You have actually directed an online video, over 5 minutes, that I watched in it's entirety. Heck I just might watch it one more time. He is indeed "the man behind the camera", I wouldn't of known who he was before seeing this. (I guess this is really showing just how much I know about this  fashion stuff). Anyway, if you are into The Sartorialist (or are looking to use up the next 7 minutes of your life) take a gander at this video. It wasn't half bad, though I had little interest to check out the Intel website... so I'm not sure how "effective" that was.

Oh, and I would also like to know how this guy is making his living- and how I can get in on that.

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