Tuesday, December 14

My Birthday vs. Norml Xmas Party

So there was a total of 10 photos taken at my place for my surprise party... most of them are of food. The food was delicious. I will eventually get around to uploading and posting a few shots to show off Justin's dedication to my cause... and the all the gorgeousness that gave me a mild heart attack last Friday.

Anyway, these little gems were found on the book today by Nicky... thank you Norml for the best group shot to date (please see two down). 

BIG thank you again for all the birthdayness that took place this weekend. 

Y'all rock.  

Matt and Justin making friends(?), breaking hearts... maybe glasses at this point.
Who knows. 

Oh hey, favourite photo. EVER. 
Mat, Heather, Justin, Jess... so good. 

I am the saddest, and it is probably because Rachel is on her Blackberry. 
Nicky's pissed too and oh hey, my hair is now brown.  

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